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Math is Love Math is Life

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Math is Love Math is Life Empty Math is Love Math is Life

Post by aironyukdawan Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:55 pm

upon observing students as of todays generation they consider math as "mental abuse to humans" wherein it's just a subject meant to torture ones mind and is a pre requisite to madness, haha, but in my case, i beg to differ, math is considered as the perfect science we all know that, actually in life, math can be applied anywhere, from the way you manage your time, on how many you are going to buy and lot's more. Math on the other hand is used as a medium for construction for engineers, one good example of this is the brooklyn bridge in the USA, this perfectly engineered bridge isn't just a "tanchameter" ( made up word ) stucture, it is made through the use of properly calculating of engineers. Let us find Math in another perspective, not as a torture machine but as a medium for success. Math problems provide us patience and vigor in order to solve the problem, just like in life we have to be patient and vigorous when it comes to problems. Thats all Very Happy


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